Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Java Development Company Taking You on Java SE 8 Latest Features Tour

In this article, Java Development Company experts will discuss traversing, filtering, processing collection, and method enhancements use with lambda. We will take you to the tour of Java SE 8 features and make a deep dig and explore the code and explain how to traverse the collection with Lambda expression and method references.

1. Traversing Collections with Lambda Expressions

Java SE 8 features enable developers to use lambda expressions to traverse a collection of items. The collection includes lists, maps, and sets. All of these data types implement the iterable interface. You can read the following points to understand the code:

•    Work on class- traverse FileContent.java under package – eg.com.tm.java8.features.lambda2.
•    Right-click the method name readAllLines
•    Show Javadoc 

Java SE 8 Comes With A Couple Of New Methods- For each, And Spliterator.

Each accepts an instance of a functional interface known as Consumer. The consumer interface has one abstract method known as accepting.

Developers can clean up the code by removing old traversals. This single code line takes over the three lines of the forEach loop. They can make a copy of the code and move down to the version which using an iterator. Developers may select code lines and comment and paste their version of Lambda expression. It means when they replace an iterator they are replacing four code lines with just a single line.

2. Filtering Collections Using Predicate Interfaces

Java SE 8 also supports the latest functional interfaces, such as Predicate. Predicate interface has a single Boolean method known as a test, which can be used to wrap up the condition; processing and clean the conditional code.

There are two primary ways to design a predicate. You can create it where you implement the java.util.function.Predicate interface. The second way is through lambda expression- this is the favorite way of developers. It is a short cut way to design a java predicate.

3. Traversing Collections with Method References

Apart from lambda expressions, Java SE 8 also has method references to the language. With method reference, developers (working in Java App Development Company India) can name a method they want to call, instead of calling it directly. This feature also aims for making codes more concise and readable. Method references can use on four types of methods-

•    Static methods of any class
•    Instance methods of an arbitrary object
•    Instance methods of a specific object
•    References to constructor methods

Monday, 3 November 2014

Java Developer Army On IoT

There is no single solution to connect all IoT "Internet of Things" devices together but Eclipse at least tried to make it easier for Java developers. Last Monday, group released open IoT Java stack, an enterprise Java development platform supports three major standards – CoAP, MQTT, and light weight M2M standards.
(Constrained Application Protocol) CoAP – Web transfer Protocol

MQTT – Connectivity protocol for machines

Light weight M2M – An open mobile interface to connect IoT clients and servers

The open IoT Java stack can be downloaded for free from Eclipse site. The stack is suitable for developing IoT gateways, SCADA automation products and home automation systems. The stack was announced in conjunction with JavaOne conference that was organized last week in San Francisco.

Devices were communicating in past also but mostly through proprietary systems only. Open IoT Java stack has revolutionized the era by using advance software and hardware. It is true that there are several emerging trends already available in market to connect different IoT devices but developers have to write separate implementations for this purpose.

Think of it – When companies created their own web servers instead of using Apache.

To help java developers in bringing new IoT devices together, Eclipse team have created implementations that can be used quickly. The innovation would help industries to switch from proprietary systems to open IoT Java stack. The stack brings programmer together in IoT development world.

Open IoT Java stack is still not perfect for every project. Being a skilled programmer you have o decide which implementations are good for your project and what should be avoided.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Java Development Team Providing Healthcare Facilities With Java Based EHR Software

Aegis Java development team is sharing this info with EHR developers and entire healthcare community to provide best Java based EHR solution for hospitals and medical centers that offer healthcare facilities to Beta-thalassaemia patients. The software provides an electronic means for interacting, recording, and processing all the data produced during care process of beta-thalassaemia patients.

What is Beta-Thalassaemia?

It’s a hereditary disorder found high in Mediterranean people, Africa, and Southeast Asian ancestry. The treatment of Beta-thalassaemia includes daily chelation, periodic cardiology, biweekly transfusions, hepatology, and endocrinology evaluations. Making and keeping healthcare records of such patients is extremely complex. Presently, hospitals are making paper-based documents for Beta-Thalassaemia patients and share them over all units connected with care process. This hinders interaction of information between healthcare providers, and creates medical record processing tough. This influences the demand of user-friendly EHR solutions to bring accuracy in report making.

Companies have started working with their Java development teams to bring most sophisticated and user-friendly EHR software for providing healthcare facilities to Beta-thalassaemia patients. More and more healthcare centers are inclining towards software solutions to bring an efficient environment to cope with the instantly-rising issues of data storage, processing, and recovery. In the early stages, it was difficult to make changes in the data content; but with recent technologies and advancements, IT giants have got success in developing most intriguing java programmers based EHR solutions to maintain and sustain records and data of the Beta-Thalassaemia patients.

There are several other reasons that motivated IT development companies to alter the designs and rediscover the application:

  • Diversity of record data- Patient records should be related to medical specialties and healthcare processes relevant to the disease.
  • Diversity of healthcare units and professionals- Distinct healthcare units provide ranges of service and thus, software solution must be customizable to cater the needs of each user.
  • User-friendly interface- Most centers fail to implement EHR solutions due to lack of training and meaningful use. Therefore, demand of user-friendly application arises to deliver most precision reports and data keeping facilities to physicians and the team.
  • Automated data processing- The care process of Beta-Thalassaemia patients involves many lab tests. Java based EHR solutions offer automated data processing feature to evaluate all calculations related to patient’ reports and documents.
  • Data sharing- Alone doctor can’t treat a patient suffering from severe disorder. When there is a team work, data sharing within single unit or between the units is a normal thing. This influences patient mobility and circulation of data and health info related to patient.
  • Performance- Every technology is admired for its best performance. The software solutions offered by IT development companies must cater the hospital requirements in efficient manner.
  • Scalability- Software should be easily installed and used over different devices and operating systems. This enables distinct network and hardware configuration as per the unit size operated by the software.
  • Automated integration of lab reports with medical records- The software design is intended to integrate all lab reports with medical records to collect data at one place and provide convenience to the both patient and physician.
The above diagram shows the benefits offered by professionally designed EHR solution.  Java development team working with reputed IT giants aims to deliver least complex and more user-friendly software solutions to bring comfort in the healthcare sector. Besides this, we have also mentioned valuable points to explain the need of making changes and alterations in the older versions of electronic health record software solutions and rediscover them to cater all present needs of the healthcare sector.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Asynchronous E-learning Systems Development Becomes Easy By Hiring Java Developers or Programmers

Java Developers

Before understanding the way Java stimulates the asynchronous e-learning systems, we need to discuss the basics of asynchronous e-learning and how java plays its role in developing it. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Enterprise Technologies Adoption For Java Web Development Services

Java Web Development
Migrating benefits of Java studio enterprise 8.1 to Netbeans 6.0

Java Studio enterprise 8.1 migration to Netbeans 6.0

The netbeans environment offers similar UML modeling, profiler, Portlet builder features, and developer collaboration (offered by Sun Java studio enterprise 8.1). The migration programs have been released for users to let them move from Java studio enterprise tools to Netbeans. Earlier, the JSE 8.1 was launched to make Java Web application Development easier for developers. But today, developers can avail such facilities from Netbeans. Besides easy development process, Netbeans 6.0 is making web app development services available to wider audiences.

Reasons for migration:

Netbeans enhances the productivity of a developer via smarter tools, faster editor, and integration tools into a single integrated development environment. Some features like profiling, Java SE and EE programming; portlet building, developer collaboration, and UML support have been updated in Beans. Besides these features, Netbeans 6.0 also introduced new features-
  • JRuby, Ruby, and Ruby on rails support
  • Visual web development via visual web pack
  • Highly commended swing GUI builder
  • SOA support via enterprise pack
  • Java ME support via mobility pack
  • C++ or C development via C++/C pack
  • Generic language framework
Developers can deliver suitable Java Web Development solutions that can run on cross platform using this IDE 6.0.

Benefits of migration:
  • Java developers can easily discover the issues in the code.
  • Hiring of senior software engineers becomes easy
  • Developers can get help for Java Web Development programming and sanity checks for best practices.
  • Make the java development company recognized across the world by proving value with Sun certifications.
  • Ensures leading java developers India that they are working aptly since the beginning of development process.
  • Enhance code editor and navigation and inspection.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Secure Your Web With Multiple – Layer Java Development

Java Developers India
Here, we will discuss some of the popular software security measures to protect your web applications. However, none of them is complete security solution for your web. It would be great idea to combine these approaches with hardware to protect your business from unwanted attacks. The two most important security considerations are authorization and authentication. It is necessary to learn how you can implement these considerations in your application.

Here users’ privileges areas are verified before he takes entry to protected area of website. The two broad categories of authentication include – basic and form based authentication.

Basic authentication:
User can access unprotected area of website without entering a password. However, to access as secure page it is necessary to give username and password. Both security parameters are encoded and directed to web server in secure form. If username and password are authenticated then you are free to access secure page of website.

Form based authentication:
This is most popular approach used by eCommerce sites and other businesses worldwide. This is a fast access technique where you don’t have to wait much to browse the protected area.

Authorization protects your java web application against most sophisticated hackers. The two broad categories of authorization include – Code and caller authorization.

Code authorization:

The process removes unwanted code from class-path and has full control over the application. The team makes sure that your application is free from extraneous code and third party tools.

Caller authorization:
Similar to code, you can also protect caller or back - office systems. To access the protected area, it is necessary to give correct username and password. If security parameters are wrong, it prevents caller from completing the action.

Protecting web application is important consideration for Java development by Indian team. It surely minimizes java development time, unwanted security attacks, and coding efforts. We at Aegis are well familiar with Java development security model and providing best solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Innovation Can Not Fade Away The Benefits of Java Development Language

Java is the most acknowledged and conventional programming language that has picked up serious consideration being developed part since presentation. The quick rising and overall acknowledgement help in following its outline and characteristics and as it is said- "you have to compose coding once, and run it anyplace," Java improvement is chosen as a programming dialect for system workstations. It has been perceived as an all inclusive front end utilized by endeavors for their database also.

Java is article arranged, translated, appropriated, sheltered, versatile, strong, multithread, and dynamic dialect utilized by designers for different programming improvement ventures. Keep in mind the first cell phone you have utilized? Before android and Apple started to be, Java telephones were the cell phone gadgets utilized by open over the world. Notwithstanding, with changing time and engineering, new developments were made and individuals got to realize that there are gadgets named Blackberry, and Apple. Other than all these redesigns and developments, the essentialness of Java advancement does not vanish.

There are numerous favorable circumstances of Java dialect that make it perfect for programming improvement undertakings:
  • Simple to learn
Java was proposed to be not difficult to utilize and this is the motivation behind why engineers find simple in composing, assembling, debugging, and learning Java advancement in any case other programming stages accessible in the business sector.
  • Article arranged  
Designers are equipped for making secluded projects in Java and utilize the code as a part of numerous ventures.
  • Platform autonomy 
Java is known for its stage autonomous gimmick that makes it to move starting with one machine framework then onto the next effectively. The peculiarity of running same program on diverse frameworks makes Java web application development adaptable and stage autonomous dialect.
  • Security
Concerning security, Java takes all the credits. It thinks about as a safe piece of creating java programming.
  • Multithreaded
Java is a multithreaded programming dialect utilized by engineers even today.

The vigor, cross-stage capabilities, security, and simple to utilize gimmicks manage Java dialect criticalness and demonstrate it as a best decision for offering overall programming results.