Monday, 3 August 2015

Webclipse For Java Developers To Create Modern Apps With Javascript And Java EE Development

Webclipse is an Eclipse IDE add-on that is helpful in developing modern apps with Java EE and Javascript. This integrated development environment enhances the modern coding experience by providing latest features like Hot Reload, REST Inspect, JavaScript Debug, etc. Developers are finding themselves moving between the stack layers while writing modern apps. With Webclipse, they can stay inside the Eclipse development environment and develop and debug JavaScript, create web services and invest their time in coding.

The IDE also helps in meeting the needs of the java developers. It also provides ability to developers to design JS content easily anywhere in their stack- this feature is getting more prominent for web developers. The support for node.js and advanced web technology in Webclipse offers exciting new addition to growing market.

There are mainly three key features that help boost the Eclipse development stack-
  1. Hot Reload
  2. JavaScript Debug
  3. REST Inspect
Hot Reload is an enhanced version of Hot Code Replace that focuses on time invested/ consumed in re-deploying and restarting once the class changes. The Hot Reload feature also enables java developers to inspect these changes instantly in TomCat and WebLogic app servers that enhances web development speed.

JavaScript Debug is the next feature on the list that offers well integrated JavaScript debugging in the Eclipse to external browsers of Chrome. Developers can also get support for Node.js with debugging of node apps.

(More Source : Features of Java 9 Updatae)

REST Inspect is the third key feature of Webclipse that allows developers to integrate RESTful web services. Developers are able to test other web services from within their Eclipse stack.

Webclipse is available for free to developers for the first year. They can explore the capabilities and features of this integrated development environment and make best practices for java development and design modern apps with the JavaScript and Java EE. 


  1. Thank you for writing this blog. We love Webclipse and we are very happy you love it too!