Thursday, 24 September 2015

Java Tools Supports Windows 10 And Visual Studio Now!

The Java and .net framework are practicing best to bridge together and to bridge with almost anything. The Java web development team at Sun Microsystems is working hard to give something new and innovative every time. SO what’s new in this latest series?

Java developers have invented a new feature that will be popular as “Proxy by the name” in coming years. This release was requested by JNBridge users several times and finally, the day has come when their request accepted by the expert developers of Sun Microsystems.

If you are an expert developer, then you must be familiar with the fact that metadata cannot be extracted from Java easily. The Java 8 version address the problem and extraction have been made easy for the developers. And now this was the correct time to add “Proxy by name” feature.

Have you worked on the Java reflection API?

The API enables coders to discover information about methods, classes, and functions that use in a particular program or application. It makes it easy for you to link or map Java objects or classes together. But there are security restrictions that have to follow in any case.

An application needs to connect to public or target objects is usually bound under this API. The developers thank the expert Java web development team for inventing this new feature and giving them the opportunity to expand their coding skills dramatically.

Next comes to JNBridge that is specially designed to access entire API either from Java or .net. It also connects the Java and .net for seamless interoperability. Now the problem of cross-platform compatibility will get resolved for sure.

When you access a new functionality proxy by name, much cool content will be added here to help you. Once you start using this release, you will get more benefit from this product. To know more on similar updates or Java frameworks, Contact Java web development team at Aegis Soft Tech now.