Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Java Development Company Taking You on Java SE 8 Latest Features Tour

In this article, Java Development Company experts will discuss traversing, filtering, processing collection, and method enhancements use with lambda. We will take you to the tour of Java SE 8 features and make a deep dig and explore the code and explain how to traverse the collection with Lambda expression and method references.

1. Traversing Collections with Lambda Expressions

Java SE 8 features enable developers to use lambda expressions to traverse a collection of items. The collection includes lists, maps, and sets. All of these data types implement the iterable interface. You can read the following points to understand the code:

•    Work on class- traverse FileContent.java under package – eg.com.tm.java8.features.lambda2.
•    Right-click the method name readAllLines
•    Show Javadoc 

Java SE 8 Comes With A Couple Of New Methods- For each, And Spliterator.

Each accepts an instance of a functional interface known as Consumer. The consumer interface has one abstract method known as accepting.

Developers can clean up the code by removing old traversals. This single code line takes over the three lines of the forEach loop. They can make a copy of the code and move down to the version which using an iterator. Developers may select code lines and comment and paste their version of Lambda expression. It means when they replace an iterator they are replacing four code lines with just a single line.

2. Filtering Collections Using Predicate Interfaces

Java SE 8 also supports the latest functional interfaces, such as Predicate. Predicate interface has a single Boolean method known as a test, which can be used to wrap up the condition; processing and clean the conditional code.

There are two primary ways to design a predicate. You can create it where you implement the java.util.function.Predicate interface. The second way is through lambda expression- this is the favorite way of developers. It is a short cut way to design a java predicate.

3. Traversing Collections with Method References

Apart from lambda expressions, Java SE 8 also has method references to the language. With method reference, developers (working in Java App Development Company India) can name a method they want to call, instead of calling it directly. This feature also aims for making codes more concise and readable. Method references can use on four types of methods-

•    Static methods of any class
•    Instance methods of an arbitrary object
•    Instance methods of a specific object
•    References to constructor methods