Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Java Development Company Taking You on Java SE 8 Latest Features Tour

In this article, Java Development Company experts will discuss about traversing, filtering, processing collection and method enhancements use with lambda. We will take you to the tour of Java SE 8 features and make a deep dig and explore the code and explain how to traverse the collection with Lambda expression and method references.

Monday, 8 December 2014

On Demand Applications - Enterprise Java Bean Application Development with a Three-Tier Architecture

What is enterprise Java beans? Is this question strikes in your mind? It is basically an application of modular enterprise for server side component which is based on the platform of Java. It always encapsulates the implementation and logic of the business back to the applications of enterprise.

Enterprise Java Application Development

Development of Java bean is incomplete without the knowledge of Java beans sessions. Java session beans are the components of Java which runs in EJB containers or in the stand alone EJB containers. EJB containers or stand by EJB containers are the parts of edition application servers of standard Java development enterprises. These applications are applicable to input the information of customer or to perform a particular model task or to perform a conversation task with the clients by executing this EJB.

Developed applications over the driven database have three tier structures by using the source technology. This application is browse in the laptop or in desktop. Only front end is access to input the data or strings which should be searched. There is independent allowed application access in any device like cell phone or any telnet device.

Three tier structures make it more efficient and useful in the development of the enterprises application. It is proved very useful immensely. Front end is known as the web container, second end is known as the EJB container and the third one is database.

If this application is access in telnet devices then there will appear a data entry screen with submit button. User interface is incomplete without this type of screen. User can access other interfaces and technologies like java server faces, java server pages, java servlets, etc. EJB can also capable for the queries about the user because container is connected to database.