Thursday, 9 July 2015

Java 9 Features That Will Change Your Way To Develop Software Solution

Java development kit committers are preparing hard for the next release. Java 9 features will take a few more months to gain complete shape. It expects that Java 9 will feature in December 2015. After releases, Java developers will test and determine bugs and fix them for community use- this is a schedule pinned for September 2016.

Currently, we can assume the expected features in Java 9. If you call Java 8 as a major release of streams, lambdas, and API changes, then call Java 9 as a release of Jigsaw, utilities and other unrevealed changes. Under this post, you will read all those features targeted in Java 9.

1.       Java + REPL
The upcoming update of Java will have a new command line tool for developers- JShell. It will add native support and make a Java way to REPL or Read Evaluate Print Loop famous. So, if you want to run a few Java lines automatically, you don’t need to wrap it in different method or project. This tool is available in the early release; you can test it for your project.

2.       G1 – Default Garbage Collector or Not
Java 9 is still in a debate to replace default GC with G1, which was designed for Java 7 to support larger heaps (more than 4 GB).

3.       Cheers to Microbenchmarks
Microbenchmarking will be a part of Java 9 as per the news that experts heard.

4.       The Future Is HTTP 2.0
Java 9 update will have complete support for HTTP 2.0. It will also have a new HTTP client for Java that will implement HTTP 2.0 and WebSockets and also replace the HttpURLconnection.

5.       Great Boost to API
Previously developers had limited capability to control and manage OS processes with Java. But in Java 9, this feature will get extended to empower developers to interact with the operating system. The all-new direct methods to manage PDIs, states and process names, and ability to specify processes and Java Virtual Machines are few to mention in the list.

You will see a standardized lightweight API of JSON in Java 9. JSON API is in the limelight just like Jigsaw.

Will the developers get their share of a treat with these expected features in Java 9? What do you think? Share your genuine feedback and tell us whether Java 9 development team will meet the expectations of general developers or not?